Day 26 – 笑ってコラえて ”Laugh till you drop”

Well I’m writing this for the second time because the web-site just threw away everything I typed, usually I’m logged on so it automatically backups! So it’s going to be a lot shorter than the first time..

The title is based on a TV game show I watched last night…they say this line every few minutes and make a kind of tap-turning action with one hand…?


Two shrines near Akihabara at a place called Ocha-no-mizu which means Water-for-Tea,  also btw Akihabara means Field-of-Autumn-Leaves.

Kanda Shrine dates back 1,270 years, but the current structure was rebuilt several times due to fire and earthquakes. It is situated in one of the most expensive estate areas of Tokyo. Kanda Shrine was an important shrine to both the warrior class and citizens of Japan, even Tokugawa Ieyasu paid his respects at Kanda is a frieze showing a priest with rats???and this is the local Tanuki (they are famous for the very large….hmmm…dangling appendages)Now there were meant to be real tanuki in Jigokudani Park, but I think they are shy and I didn’t see any.

Yushima Seidō a Confucian temple from the Genroku era of the Edo period (end of the 17th century). Famous for the world’s largest statue of confucius…though only just found that vantage point where he is not shaded by leaves!!! I liked the gargoyles more.

Ocha-no-mizu is on the main canal, and you can see various bridges including this familiar oneAfternoon:

3 hours of Rakugo (sit-down comic monlogoue)…I don’t understand all that much because they speak at speed of shinkansen. Each performer goes for 15-20 mins, it alternates between Rakugo and other styles (comedy duos, magic acts, musical acts).  The comedy duo notice the foreigner in the audience (i’m in the 4th row and the theatre is half empty) and they incorporate my presence into their routine (very funny and embarrasing, even if I have no idea what they say about me…though at one point it was…hey the foreigner got the joke and is laughing what about the rest of you?).  The last comedian begins with a rant about walking for 15 mins carrying his garbage because no bins on the train during APEC…now that bit I understood perfectly.

Finally, I found an authentic turkish kebab place near the station, run by turkish people! Most foreign cuisine restaurants in japan are still run by japanese and adjust cuisine to local tastes.

…and another thing…In Tokyo on train station escalators…you stand on the left and move on the right….not the same as Osaka at all!

If you haven’t seen a map of the Tokyo subway system here it is…

Click to access routemap_en.pdf

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1 Response to Day 26 – 笑ってコラえて ”Laugh till you drop”

  1. Artin Poladian says:

    How much the kebab cost? Was it lamb???

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