Day 22 – A day of rest

Well I didn’t go anywhere special or do anything interesting today (for the first time in 21 days!)  so I guess all my regtular readers can also have a well-deserved break.

But here are some random photosThis is a love hotel around the corner from Bunraku theatre, as is thisIt’s important if you are having an affair that the hotel be discreet!Now some movie is about to start…wish I knew what it was aboutdoes it say “Harii Pottaa”?

The Japanese provide precise information about where to stand on train platformsdepending on which train you are waiting for… It’s all very simpleLike us they drive on the left and mostly walk on the left as well..except on escalators where you move on the left and stand on the right….oh, and at train stations every staircase has its own rule, with little arrows to remind you…but only those going upstairs can see the arrows, those walking down the stairs have to guess!


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