Day 16 – Japan in everything reversed is

Well, it’s a Monday — a work day — but I’m still on holidays.  It’s study vacation back at home,  and I spent quite some time last night answering questions from my students…usually exactly the same question over and over…

It’s stopped raining, but the skies are filled with dark clouds,  I think I will still chance a trip out to…


According to Lonely Planet “Kobe is one of Japan’s most attractive cities”…hmmm, well yes it’s nice …  but the people writing for Lonely Planet need to rein in their superlatives a bit.

Well, Kobe is a port, so i thought I would make my way to the harbour…as you do…

It’s not a long distance from JR Kobe station to the water’s edge…

…it’s just there is this obstacle course consisting of a shopping complex called Harbourland…yes, it occupies most of the harbour land…eventually after several winding walkways in and out of department stores I catch a glimpse of water

Seriously that hotel is even larger than the ocean liner.

Now I’m spoilt by living in Sydney, but Kobe has tried its best with the foreshore,  lots of restaurants, amusement parks and some very expensive italianate-looking hotels

Now I’m used to seeing carved images of women on the bows of ships, but this is the first time I’ve seen a carving of a prince…

Japan in everything reversed is

The kids seem to like this placed called Merika Park

I like the look of this very Byzantine church??Here is my attempt to capture every significant building and ship in one photo

Though the next photo makes the dark clouds look more menacing

Perhaps it’s time to leave…looks like the cruise ship has had the same idea…I wave and blow kisses to hundreds of strangers aboard the Pacific Venus and they throw streamers back

Now that I have my bearings,  I take the short way back to the train station, along the street!  Next stop

Tezuka Osamu World

This is a museum dedicated to the father of Japanese manga, and it is in a small quiet town called Takarazuka, where he grew up. To find the museum you follow a trail of small Kimba, the white lions until you get to my good old friend the Phoenix

Out the front all of his famous characters have their footprint memorialised in cement

I’m in luck, there is a special exhibit about the collaboration between Tezuka Osamu and Hoshi Shin-ichi, who is one of my favourite Japanese sci-fi short story writers. Inside I also  get to watch a complete anime called “Osamu and Musashi”, which is an autobigraphical story of a young boy bullied because he liked to draw. He befriends a small insect he takes him on a magical tour of the world and teaches him the value of nature,  that is why all of Tezuka’s cartoons have a strong eco theme to them.

As I walk back towards the station, I go past another building with a very strong envoronmental theme

It is a very sexy house — it is “Sekisui House”

— there are many of these all over Japan demonstrating the “eco house of the future”…should I go inside…hmmm, I think I’ve spent enough time with Sekisui.

But I was pleasantly surprised by something even more sexy just around the corner

Takarakuza Revue and Grand Theatre

This is the home of the famous all girl theatre company… it’s like Les Girls in reverse…these young women are famous for dressing up as men and performing classic and exquisite pieces of theatre.

Japan in everything reversed is

Here is an old flyer on the web from musical about General mcArthur here is a photo of flyers of their recent and current shows

“For whom the bell tolls”,

“Eugene Onegin”,

“An Officer and a Gentleman” (on at the moment) and finally

“Romeo and Juliet”  which is on in Januray

…hmmm, I’ve done some research in the meantime on the best way to get tickets….stay posted!

More Puzzles

So no-one has tried to solve the geometry problem yet. Want some clues, the bottle is 20 cm tall, the bottom part is cylindrical with radius 2cm, but the neck of the bottle has an unusual shape. The liquid in the bottle has height 8cm, and when the bottle is upturned the liquid has height 13 cm. What is the volume of the bottle?  I’ll give you another day..hope someone tries to solve it!

I found a puzzle book that is based on knowing how Japanese kanji work.  Here is a typical puzzle

You need to fill the empty squarea with Kanji that are made from the radicals in the same row and column,  you can only use each radical once…

I can actually solve this one!!!

Afterwards the four numbered kanji form two words–in this case they are “Fairy Tale”  and “Parliament”….hmmm, is someone being sarcastic here??

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