Day 12 – Grey skies, Black Ramen

Well,  its a grey, drizzling morning and the forecast is for rain, so I guess I’ll look through Lonely Planet for something indoors..

..the Museum of Handicrafts and the Museum of Design are in the same building and both are free…next door is the Museum of Modern Art as well (just in case).

I catch the bus, but this time it is empty so I can sit in the disabled area where there is more leg space..I guess being tall is a disability in Japan?

On the way to the museum I catch a glimpse of “Ramen Nazi”  (the restaurant, not the man himself)…I memorize its location so I can come back afterwards.

The handicraft museum is fantastic (no photos sorry) and showcases about 100 different crafts (haircombs, lacquerware, gold leaf, stone work, bamboo work, kimono making, bows and arrows, the list goes on…)

Each display has details of the process (in English too!) with examples of pieces in their final form and part way through…some handicrafts have an actual practitioner demonstrating the work…each month a particular craft is chosen to be taught and this month an entire room is full of women doing fine embroidery…judging from how it is done, each thread is like a work of Zen art

…this one is so amazing, I actually don’t bother with any other museums. It wins my award for best designed Museum in Kyoto  (out of a sample of 4 😉 )

For lunch, I head back to Ramen Nazi…apparently he has a new speciality it is called Black Ramen

The store is run by just two young men who are very busy,  I ask politely if I can take a photo (awkwardly, I fear I am like George Castanza from Seinfeld “You break rules, you take photo!  No soup for you, one month!”)

…but they let me photograph the kitchen, but they are too busy to pose for photo.It’s still raining, so its off to Takashiyama to see what bizzare gizmos I can find this time.  Back at the hotel I run into another tourist also complaining that the autumn colours are very late this year…so it wasn’t my imagination…well I guess they have gardens and maple leaves in Osaka and Tokyo too…maybe before I leave in mid November… and some people still don’t believe in climate change

It’s a short post today…so here are some amusing random photos

this is the interior of Kyoto station…yes, it’s a christmas tree, it went up today…there is also a skyway 11 floors above the platform…young teenage couples seem to think it is a romantic spot…or the girls suffer from vertigo??

The japanese are seriously getting ready for christmas…this is Kyoto Tower by night…in the mist and rain…and here is more info about my hotel room…

thats the tap above the cistern, where the water comes in after each flush…part of it’s exposed for some reason, perhaps so you can immediately rinse your hands?

Tomorrow I travel to Osaka from where I hope to make very good use of the National Bunraku theatre and use my JR pass to see a variety of cities.

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