Day 4: The Iron Chef

So the original Iron Chef (French) was Yutaka Ishinabe, and after he left the TV show he launched a series of restaurants called “Queen Alice”  serving a fusin of french nouvelle cuisine and japanese kaiseki.  Two years ago, for the 150th anniversary of Keio University, the collaboration complex where I am now was built and they wanted one of japan’s top chefs to have a presence in that complex, Ishinabe agreed ………so one of his Queen Alice restaurants is right here in the complex. Why am I mentioning this…well the conference chair treated all the committee members to lunch today………..mmmm,  yum yum

Oh yes there was some science today,  and I gave two talks myself and even got asked some questions. The audience has halved since yesterday…I guess only the scientists are left…. There are almost 310 registrants, of which at least 200 are japanese.

What did I learn,  well 4K-2K  is short for 4096 x 2304 pixels, the upcoming standard for large screens….

…but that is oh so yesterday…………….today a speaker mentioned 8K-4K….

at this rate you are going to need to fly into space to be able to just see the screen in one go…. 8.million pixels and nothing interesting to watch

The 3D demonstration  from yesterday has already made the pages of the Nikkei Business daily…you too can enjoy the 3D experience

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