Day 2: Work and Feasting

So today was a day when I did quite a bit of work from my hotel…mostly honours thesis revisions etc.

But I still found time to check out the delights of the local Chinatown  (the largest in the world…outside china of course).

Went to a place recommended by Lonely Planet…but turned out not to be as exciting as the description…(does Lonely Planet accept comments????)

So well I walked around alot enjoying the sights and sounds  but not much active tourism….

Had a 14 course chinese meal for one,  for about $10…and it came with “Din Tai Fung”  style dumplings, though I didn’t realise it until I spilled open one of them..oops…..oh well, can always have the ones in Sydney….

there is an exciting exhibition on Japanese mythology at the local museum but it’s closed on Monday and the conference is full time from tomorrow  (maybe I can sneeak away).

Strangest food so far in Japan =  biscuits made from Asparagus  (and no, not brave/stupid enough to try them)

Also, my favourite German cake = “Baumkuchen”  which is a multi-ring layered cake with a hollow core (just like the fibres we design) appears to be a Yokohama speciality…every major tourist place seems to be selling “Yokohama Baumkuchen”  as if it were Japanese instead of German???

Went up to the top of Landmark Tower to catch a glimpse of Fuji,  but once again it was shrouded in clouds.  Though I finally caught a glimpse of westerners,  there were 6 of them…wow!!!

I also watched a maths class on TV, in between emails and coffee… it was all about solving quadratic equations, and the teacher used a blackboard  and went through all the different cases one by one…now I know how to say “if the quadratic discriminant is positive” in japanese…hope an opportunity comes up during the conference  😉

One thing I noticed was that when she wrote a fraction, she would write the bottom part first and then the top part  (amazing,  the opposite of how most westerners write fractions)  but of course the bottom part is also SAID first in japanese too!

Hmmm,  Armenian like Japanese is a “yoda” language…at the end, the verb comes

but we do our fractions like English with the top first…an intriguing question to ask my linguistic friends…

The next TV program was about napoleon, russia and eastern europe so I decided to get back to work.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, did not know that about fractions in Japanese!

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